A pipe lighter has a directed flame. 

Pipe lighters come in a variety of designs. Some have built-in tapers. Most have the flame oriented to fire sideways from the lighter for directional control. The Tobacco Leaf carries a full complement of the premier pipe lighter, the Corona Old Boy.

A cigar lighter has a fatter flame width. 

Some cigar smokers prefer using matches. It's a personal choice that works either way. The tobacco Leaf carries a variety of torch lighters with high-intensity flames, ideal for toasting a fine cigar quickly.

This enables the cigar smoker to light the cigar more evenly. The nice thing about using a lighter is that you're able to hold the cigar in one hand and the lighter in the other.

Brand and Pricing Information on Lighters

Colibri: $40.00 - $300.00

Corona: $100.00 - $300.00

Dupont: $135.00 - $2000.00

Integral: $15.00 and up

Xikar: $30.00 - $150.00

Zippo: $13.00 - $120.00