Cigar Etiquette 101:


Lesson 2:  How to properly use an ashtray

Ashtrays come in all different sizes, shapes and colors.

All ashtrays very much the same in design. They will have a place to rest a cigar, a tapered side ending in a receded bowl or bottom to catch ash. 

Many people do not realize that their is a reason that they are all designed similar, if used properly they can prevent an ashy mess!


The proper way to ash a cigar is to place the ashy tip on the tapered inside surface of the ashtray and gently roll off the ash. 

If the ash doesn't come off when you gently press and roll it then it is not time to ash yet. 

When the ash releases it will slide down into the bowl of the ashtray. 

This makes it harder to blow the ash out of the tray and also make for very easy clean up. 

You are far less likely to damage your cigar with this method and it is less likely you will have to relight your cigar because you knocked the coal out!

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You do not want to tap your cigar on the outside edge of the ashtray! 

Not only does it make a huge mess but it also can damage the wrapper on the cigar.  Often people complain that their cigar fell apart...

Cigar wrapper is delicate, tapping the ash off can crack the wrapper, often making the cigar un-smoke-able. 

Gotta remember folks 90% of the cigars flavor is in the wrapper, if it cracks and peels off,  you loose most of what you love about that cigar, The Flavor.