Cigar Etiquette 101:


Lesson 7: How to choose the right cigar for you?

Ask yourself these 3 questions before you choose a cigar:



Question #1: How much time do you have to smoke?

An informed cigar smoker always tailors their cigar selection to how much time they have.  You always want to finish your cigar in one sitting. 

10 to 20 mins - Cigarello or Miniature

20 to 40 mins - Petite Corona

1 Hour - Corona or Rubusto

1.5 Hours - Toro

2 Hours - Churchill or Double Corona


Question #2: How much do you want to spend?

There are cigars in all sorts of price ranges starting in the low $2 dollar range going all the way up to $40 plus dollars a cigar.

 The more expensive the cigars the higher the quality.

 There are very good cigars at every price point, price determines how good.


Question #3: What is your experience level?

Beginners: Start with a light cigar and always smoke on a full stomach

Casual: If you smoke every once in a while we suggest sticking with Light to Medium

Regular: You smoke several cigars a week, you can venture up to Full or Super Full

Daily: You have probably smoked the full range of strengths and have found your favorite.


There are 4 Main stengths that cigars are defined as:


Light: Which is generally creamy and naturally sweet and can be smoked by most anyone.

Medium: Can range from sweet to spicy and maybe a bit of both but is not overpowering.

Full: Is a stout cigar that packs a rich flavorful punch, these are not for Beginners.

Super Full: Power packed spicy full flavor and very strong.