Cigar Etiquette 101:


Lesson 4: Humidor Manners


So many people walk into a cigar shop and commit atrocious acts against cigars, and they don't even know!  The humidor is not the grocery store produce section where it is acceptable to squeeze, sniff, lick and dig to the bottom of every display! Below are the 5 worst offenses that you can commit to a cigar that you don't own.  Once you have purchased the cigar we don't care what you do with it!

Stop Squeezing

Cigars are delicate.  When you squeeze the cigar you can break the wrapper, damage the binder and possibly make the cigar unsmokable.

Worse still people will squeeze 10 cigars in a box and pick the last one to buy, possibly damaging the stogies someone else will later purchase. You break it you buy it.

Don't Dig!


Our cigar stock is rotated; the older cigars are on top.  Older cigars are generally better than “fresh” cigars.

Do Not Sniff the Cigars

You are not a cigar expert, and you are also not a bloodhound.  You cannot smell anything through a cello and if it's un-celloed you don’t know what you are smelling anyways.

So quit walking through the humidor putting your nose on every cigar you see, it's unsanitary!

See with your eyes, not with your hands!

People! Stop touching every single cigar in the humidor! If you don’t intend on buying a cigar, do not handle it! You are putting your germs on a consumable item someone else will buy and put in their mouth! GROSS! You also risk damaging the cigar.

Don't Drop the Cigars!

Cigars are like babies, they break easily, damage is not always visible!!!

Again, you drop it, you buy it!  Use a basket if you have butter fingers!