Cigar Cuttters

A cigar cutter is the one accessory you can't live without.

The ritual of cutting off the end of your cigar is a personal thing. Each cigar smoker has their own way and a favorite type of cutter to use. The fully outfitted cigar smoker with a variety of cigar tastes will need a flat cutter (guillotine, scissors) Cutter styles include guillotine, v-shaped, scissors, piercer and bullet.

Brands and Pricing  Information on Cutters:

Zikar 007 Twist
  • Avo Twist Bullet - $65
  • Dunhill - $160 -$380
  • Dupont - $205-$325
  • Xikar Cutters & Punches - $5 - $80
  • Colibri - $20
  • Zino - $55
  • Various Brands - $5 - $100


Cigar Cases

 A cigar case can be telescoping to accommodate various sizes of cigars.  It can be multi-fingered or open (with or without dividers), hard plastic, soft leather, a combination or even metal.  It can be equipped with a humidification element or even with a built-in cutter.  The style that suits you will depend on whether you usually smoke the same size cigar. The Tobacco Leaf features Diamond Crown cigar cases and many other fine brands. 

Brand & Pricing

  • Canvas - $30-$40
  • Dunhill - $100-$225
  • Dupont (Macassar) - $265
  • Leather (various brand) - $12- $250
  • Plastic  w/humidifier - $17-$20
  • Wood w/humidfiear - $110- $125

You want the ultimate Cigar Case?

For the ultimate in protective cigar cases, check out the Zero Halliburton line of metal cases with leather sleeves. Beautiful and durable, they offer premium protection to your precious cigars. Available at the Tobacco Leaf.



An ashtray designed for your unique smoking needs lets you enjoy your cigar or pipe in style.

The Tobacco Leaf offers ashtrays designed for cigars, pipes, and general use.  Pipe ashtrays with cork inserts are a handy accessory for the pipe smoker.  Cigar ashtrays with single channels, two and even four channels will support your cigar safely.  We also carry smokeless ashtrays for the home, car ashtrays, and automobile air-freshening ozone units. 

Ashtrays are available in  crystal, marble, ceramic, wood with glass inserts, briar, and plastic.  We have branded ashtrays from cigar and pipe makers.  

Various Brands starting at $9.95


Humidors have been around for a long time... but today's innovative designs and construction provide the cigar smoker with many choices in exterior materials, home or office decor, humidification systems, size and price ranges.

Be sure you purchase a humidor that has a proper humidification device in it.  Humidification systems can include analog or state-of-the-art digital hygrometers to measure humidity, and the electronic Cigar Oasis for unattended humidification.  We have humidification elements that run on distilled water, glycol, or a combination. The selection in humidor boxes can be downright confusing. In materials, you can go from plastic to fine leather or exotic woods.  Do you want a decorative accent piece for your home or office?  Do you want a decorative accent piece for your home or office?

Do you want an airtight humidor for travel? Just something simple to handle a few extra cigars?  For special needs, we can help you design exactly what you are looking for.To cope with that dry Colorado weather, you can purchase additional humidification elements separately to install as needed.

The size cigar you smoke and how often you smoke will help you determine what size humidor you need.  Prices for humidors range from $49.00 to as much money as you care to spend.

If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 523-6746 and discuss your particular situation with our knowledgeable staff. There is no substitute for knowledge and experience when investing in a humidor.  We are happy to assist you!

We try to provide as many different humidor choices as possible for you to choose from. Below you will find a small sampling of what we carry.

Our most popular brand is Diamond Crown

Exquisite Humidors Handcrafted by Reed & Barton

Tobacco Leaf Collectibles is proud to be a certified dealer of Diamond Crown® Humidors

What makes a Diamond Crown® Humidor unique?

Manufactured by Reed & Barton, these humidors are born of a heritage that spans more than a century of woodworking craftsmanship. A Diamond Crown® humidor is made from American hardwoods, specifically grown in the Appalachian Mountain region. Trees grown at this higher elevation grow very slowly, lending more stability to the wood and yielding a superior grain. The lumber is Kiln Dried to a 6% moisture content before production, an important step that prevents warping or cracking the wood. An intricate manufacturing process assures you of a humidor that is a masterpiece, beautiful and functionally superb. The humidification system will insure the optimum conditions for years of smoking pleasure.